Business Model Redesign & Renewal
Ability to create quality finished product
Global competition, changing consumer preferences, integration of economies etc. have led not only a need of complete and structured understanding of their business model by the enterprises but also the business model of their competitors in order to constantly rethink and redesign the way they do business.

At TFS, we team up and assist our client to describe their business with the help of 'Business Model Framework' aiming to capture & visualize their business logics in much better way besides making comparison with competitors and finally gaining new insights for enabling innovation and redesign the business to grow and sustain.

TFS helps its client with a 6 step process
  • Describing existing business model
  • Studying competitors
  • Accessing strength and weakness
  • Brainstorm improvements and opportunities
  • Plan a new model
  • Provide implementation support

TFS has brought a level of skill to our organisation through their expertise and true commitment. With the help of TFS team the Company attained high efficiency in its systems, better management of founds and accelerated the company' growth. TFS has a robust team of highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel making it unique and so successful in the delivery of performance. With their support, we accomplished our goals and exceeded out outcomes. With continuous aid from TFS we were able to keep the entire organisation on the track and making progress.

GM Finance
Pesticides Company

The driving force of TFS is to provide financial consulting tailored to each unique business. With integrity, knowledge, and experience, they create an environment that provide growth and desired results. Further TFS assists its clients to seize the growth opportunities and moving up in the growth ladder through helping them in right fund from a right source.
Agrochemical Company