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Creating value through world class financial management
The prevailing industry dynamics, marked with ever intensifying competition and volatile economic conditions besides large number of unpredictable events have necessitated the finance functions to expand beyond its traditional domain of reporting, controlling, taxation and fund raising. Today, the finance function is to work as business partner to the rest of the organization in order to responding these challenges effectively on real time basis

  • Our Expertise
  • Strategy Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Long Term Financial Planning
  • Capital Structure
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Investment Decision
  • Integrated Working Capital Management
  • Financial Resources Mobilization
  • Value Detection Analysis
  • Financial Restructuring
From retrospective to perspective, from efficiency to effectiveness, the role of finance function has undergone radical changes in last few years. Today, finance is considered the key to transform the business performance and therefore, the extended role of finance function encompasses;

  • The role of strategy partner wherein the finance functions is to assist in transforming the organization vision into reality, developing strategy plans and implementation thereof
  • Business decisions support through providing right information and aligning diverse endeavors towards the strategic goals of the organization
  • Performance Management wherein the finance is to focus on efficiencies through maintaining trade off between cost and results
Today, organizations especially the medium enterprises are facing challenges to implement procedures and systems to imbibe this new wave of managing the financial affairs of the company.

TFS helps in articulating this new role of finance and build capabilities.
Our Speciality Finance Services are directed to initiate change, pitch a bold and visionary new model for how the finance department can transform itself to make clear and valuable contributions. Our dedicated team focuses on key areas and provide meticulous support in making Finance your engine for business growth and success.

TFS works very ardently for their clients. The swiftness of working is tremendous that the clients don't feel burdened and with their high quality deliverance they help the client in all possible traditions. They help them build strategies in such a way that it lays path for the triumph of the client.

Their team behaviour is so health towards the clientele and their true faith in building strong & healthy relationship with the clients help both to make the most out of the prospect.

We bestow our gratitude towards them for their admirable working stratagem.

Managing Director
Pharmaceutical Company North India

TFS through their quality advices and execution expertise has helped us immensely in our financial management specially the working capital management. They supplemented and strengthen our endeavours in implementing effective working capital management. We find the team TFS quite strong in analysis, evaluation of issues and bringing in neutral and new perspective to problems which help in finding right solutions.
Northern India based Paint Manufacturing Co.