About Us
The Company
Founded in 2006 by a group of professionals, TFS works as a strategic and financial solution provider to the business enterprises. We have a leadership team with a collective experience and exposure of over 75 years working with Institutions and Corporate of international repute.

With our in-depth understanding of today's business landscape and its operating dynamics, we invest a significant time and effort in developing a deep understanding of our client's business, their strategic intent and their needs. We assist them in realizing their true potential , building the foundation for growth and creating sustainable competitive advantage through our innovative and practical financial & strategy solutions.
Inspiring Growth and Prospering Together, TFS aims to be a centre for excellence in corporate finance and strategy management and a most favored destination to business enterprises seeking financial and growth solutions.
Our advisory and execution expertise include:
  • Developing and implementing creative strategies for business growth including financial structures and platforms to manage them. 
  • Strategic planning and implementation support for creating sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Strategic & advanced financial management, helping  organizations in managing growth, risks, and  investments decisions.
  • Transforming corporate finance functions of the organization from controller to enabler.
  • Financial resource management – debt & equity
  • Rating advisory to assist corporate in improving their credit rating
We work with large as well as mid-corporate aspiring robust growth. We collaborate and support the internal teams of the organizations and supplement their endeavors to build sustainable competitive advantages and excel.

TFS works very ardently for their clients. The swiftness of working is tremendous that the clients don't feel burdened and with their high quality deliverance they help the client in all possible traditions. They help them build strategies in such a way that it lays path for the triumph of the client.

Their team behaviour is so health towards the clientele and their true faith in building strong & healthy relationship with the clients help both to make the most out of the prospect.

We bestow our gratitude towards them for their admirable working stratagem.

Managing Director
Pharmaceutical Company North India

TFS through their quality advices and execution expertise has helped us immensely in our financial management specially the working capital management. They supplemented and strengthen our endeavours in implementing effective working capital management. We find the team TFS quite strong in analysis, evaluation of issues and bringing in neutral and new perspective to problems which help in finding right solutions.
Northern India based Paint Manufacturing Co.