Credit Rating Advisory
In India, Credit rating was never perceived as important as it considered today after the mandatory requirement of compliance of BASEL II norms by the Indian banks.

Internationally, the rating has always been the subject of great importance especially for large and mid corporate. The matured international capital & debt market heavily depends upon credit rating of the issuer/borrower to support their investment decisions and thereby the rating becomes the key to the access to these markets. It's an opportunity to an issuer to diversify ways of funding and strengthening the financial flexibility with an option of pricing of its debt.

A business enterprise should carefully consider the impact on the credit rating every time they make a significant financial and strategic decision.

The rating determinants range from country risk to company risk, industry risk to market risk, legal risk to indenture risk and involve both quantitative and qualitative analysis of external and internal business environment. The rating process is ultimately an assessment of the fundamentals and the probabilities of change in the fundamentals. Rating determination is a matter of experienced and holistic judgment, based on the relevant quantitative and qualitative factors effecting the credit quality of the issuer.

TFS provides companies with expert guidance to optimize their ratings. We, with our in-depth understanding of rating process supported with domain expertise on risk management, strategy and finance, offer our clients an end to end solution and help them right from preparing the company for rating to the final assessment by the independent rating agency.

Our Approach
  • A comprehensive analysis with both quantitative and qualitative factors
  • A detailed analysis of competitive landscape
  • Support in preparing a financial plan based on the strategic objective of the company and with focus on debt repayment capabilities
  • Risk Profiling

TFS follows defined methodologies which facilitates smooth functioning and accelerates its performance across the various service domains. It provides the promised service with full satisfaction of the client. TFS has handled wide variety of projects which makes it more experienced and reliable. Our association with TFS helped us in getting desired result in the business.

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TFS team has the ability to grasp complex business issues and information, which is critical for developing the revenue and expense drivers that underlie a company's income statement projections. Further they have an effective system of information gathering. The result of this process is a detailed, and defensible, business model that holds up when the company takes it out to potential sources of capital. They leave a company with a detailed blueprint for executing its plan and achieving the results it has projected.
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