Debt Solutions
Arranging Negotiating and Structuring
Debt , one of the most important financing option comes in many forms, through many ways and often tags along many conditions. Managing the trade off amongst business needs, debt structures, lenders' expectation & criteria , risks of volatile economic conditions besides the compliances of rules and regulations and ultimately finding the right solution involves a complex process of analysis, evaluation and decision making . All this needs an in-depth understanding of business dynamics, micro and macro economic environment, financial market , risk management besides a strong networking and relationship with Institutions, Banks and other constituents of financial market.

TFS debt advisory team has proven experience and success track record. We firmly believe in delivering timely results, making difference and add value in many ways.

  • We make the process of raising debt very effective and efficient both for the Company and for the Lenders.
  • Customized solutions as the business dynamics and the needs of every business are unique and different.
  • End to end solutions beginning from 'As is Analysis' to review of clients' strategic agenda, developing detailed business plans and financial modeling thereof, capital structure and selection of appropriate financing options besides identification of right sources.
  • Syndication support, appraisal assistance, term sheet negotiation and documentation support.
At TFS, we provide an array of debt solutions and our offerings covers Project Financing, Structured Finance, Corporate Loans, Promoters' Funding, Working Capital Loans, Refinancing etc.

TFS provides an end to end solution to its client for their investment decisions and assist them at every step right from pre planning to the project becoming operational. TFS's personnel are highly qualified with strong domain knowledge and valuable industry exposure confirming the company' commitment towards result generation.

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The responsiveness and timeliness of services of TFS is unchallenged. Their strength is their knowledge base and this knowledge is unsurpassed. Their commitment to the client is nothing short of total respect and dedication. They first try to understand the need of their client and subsequently try to find out a solution which is closest to the requirement stated by the client. They have unparallel experience of industry and can handle diverse situations with ease.
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