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Equity capital, as the risk free component of any financing plan , has always been the most important and mandatory part of financing for any business enterprise to finance its business plans and other financial needs.

However, availability of risk free capital either through internal accruals or promoter contribution is, most often, constrained and so the available option is none but to raise capital through external sources. Various options are available in the market right from IPO to private placements, buyouts, institutional investors, strategic and venture capital partners etc. However, access to these sources have some preconditions and are subject to certain eligibility criteria besides being an issue of compatibility and cultural fit.

To business enterprises, it's a key challenge to identify and select a right mode and right partner to source its equity capital needs. It all depends on the objectives of a business enterprise, whether the equity issue is just a funding solution or beyond it a business building support.

TFS assists its clients to tap the growth opportunities and moving up in the ladder through helping them in accessing new capital.

Our in depth understanding of business operating environment and our hands on experience and exposure on strategic needs and issues of businesses helps our clients in defining their requirement in terms of mode of raising equity capital and our strong tie ups and relationships with private equity firms, venture capitalist, buyout investors, qualified institutional investors and investment bankers help the clients in selection of right partners.

TFS provides comprehensive solutions in private equity funding right from collateral preparation to investor short listing and finalizing commercial term sheets besides providing due diligence support.

TFS has brought a level of skill to our organisation through their expertise and true commitment. With the help of TFS team the Company attained high efficiency in its systems, better management of founds and accelerated the company' growth. TFS has a robust team of highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel making it unique and so successful in the delivery of performance. With their support, we accomplished our goals and exceeded out outcomes. With continuous aid from TFS we were able to keep the entire organisation on the track and making progress.

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The driving force of TFS is to provide financial consulting tailored to each unique business. With integrity, knowledge, and experience, they create an environment that provide growth and desired results. Further TFS assists its clients to seize the growth opportunities and moving up in the growth ladder through helping them in right fund from a right source.
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