Growth Strategy & Project Planning
Step forward into growth or step back into safety
In today's competitive environment, most often growth is not an option but an imperative and so are the Capital Investment decisions. The growth can be organic or inorganic but it must meet the strategic objectives of the organization.

In general, the project economics is the base for investment decisions; NPV, IRR, Payback and sensitivity analysis become the key evaluation criteria for making capital investment decision. Even financial appraisals largely focus on project economics and sponsor's financial abilities to provide the capital.

Often, missed is "the Strategic fit" of the project.

At TFS, we begin with an 'Enterprise Analysis' to find the strategic needs of the organization followed by a growth potential and capability assessment of the enterprise in order to articulate the broad investment strategy. TFS's experts work on project proposals with multidimensional and thorough evaluation of all the aspects of a project right from external environmental analysis; economic conditions, government policies & regulatory framework, competition, industry, markets etc. to the financial and economic analysis of the project and its impact on the overall business of the organization besides a thorough risk evaluation, both strategic and of project.

Capital Investment & Project Planning – An Integrated Approach

We provide comprehensive solutions to our clients for their investment decisions and assist them at every step right from pre-planning to the operationalization of the project so that they meet their strategic objective of profitable growth alongwith the project objectives of no time & cost overrun.

Our project advisory & finance service portfolio includes:
  • Enterprise analysis
  • Growth Potential and capability assessment
  • Evaluation of project proposals
  • Preparing project report and business plans
  • Project appraisal assistance
  • Financial closures assistance
  • Project implementation support
  • Cash flow management
  • Project progress reviews

TFS provides an end to end solution to its client for their investment decisions and assist them at every step right from pre planning to the project becoming operational. TFS's personnel are highly qualified with strong domain knowledge and valuable industry exposure confirming the company' commitment towards result generation.

Executive Director
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The responsiveness and timeliness of services of TFS is unchallenged. Their strength is their knowledge base and this knowledge is unsurpassed. Their commitment to the client is nothing short of total respect and dedication. They first try to understand the need of their client and subsequently try to find out a solution which is closest to the requirement stated by the client. They have unparallel experience of industry and can handle diverse situations with ease.
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