Merger And Acquisition Advisory
We bridge the gap
Merger and acquisition have become an established proposition to achieve a inorganic growth and adding considerable value to a business. However, it needs a deep knowledge of operating business environment both internal and external and utmost care and scrutiny at every step and decision making process in order to achieve the success and the desired outcome.

TFS assists its client as an independent corporate advisor on their merger and acquisition needs.

Beginning with the feasibility and value assessment of the proposed transaction, TFS helps its clients by advising on structure and negotiation of terms and conditions, coordinating the due diligence process, providing support to legal process and documentation ,ensuring that the entire process is smooth and meets its desired objective.

In order to provide an effective support and valued contribution, TFS M&A advisory group along with its Strategy team undertakes a detailed exercise to develop a thorough understanding of strategic intent and objective behind acquisition intents of its client. Once, the objectives are established, we help our clients in evolving acquisition strategy and criteria, identification of targets ,initiating discussion and compilation of information, detailed value assessment and financial implications, structure and negotiation of terms , managing the due diligence process and finally concluding the transaction. TFS also helps its clients in raising the finances ,if required.

TFS works very ardently for their clients. The swiftness of working is tremendous that the clients don't feel burdened and with their high quality deliverance they help the client in all possible traditions. They help them build strategies in such a way that it lays path for the triumph of the client.

Their team behaviour is so health towards the clientele and their true faith in building strong & healthy relationship with the clients help both to make the most out of the prospect.

We bestow our gratitude towards them for their admirable working stratagem.

Managing Director
Pharmaceutical Company North India

TFS through their quality advices and execution expertise has helped us immensely in our financial management specially the working capital management. They supplemented and strengthen our endeavours in implementing effective working capital management. We find the team TFS quite strong in analysis, evaluation of issues and bringing in neutral and new perspective to problems which help in finding right solutions.
Northern India based Paint Manufacturing Co.